"Dynamic Graph CNN for Learning on Point Clouds" Simplified

Introduction Point clouds are a collection of data points in space, usually produced by a 3D scanner. A large number of points are measured on the external surfaces of the objects and then represented as point clouds. Along with the relative 3D coordinates, point clouds can be accompanied by other pertaining features i.e. RGB or intensity. Point clouds are not the only representation of 3D space, voxel and mesh polygon are some other popular representations.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on Wine Quality Prediction Dataset

1. Introduction The article consists of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), predictive models and evaluation of those models for predicting the quality of wine, given a list of wine characteristics. Note: Dataset and code can be found here. 2. Problem Specification The dataset specifies the quality of wine, given a list of attributes. The attributes are fixed acidity, volatile acidity, citric acid, residual sugar, chlorides, free sulfur dioxide, total sulfur dioxide, density, pH, sulphates, alcohol, and type (0 for red wine, 1 for white wine).

Attention Is All You Need: The Transformer

Introduction The advent of deep learning over the past few years has opened a lot of possibilities regarding neural machine translation (NMT). Attention is all you need, also known as Transformer [1], has become the state-of-the-art in NMT, surpassing tradition recurrent neural network (RNN) based encoder-decoder architecture. A bunch of new architectures is now being built based on the transformer. I will discuss how NMT has evolved throughout the last couple of years, from the traditional RNN to the Transformer.

Time Series Analysis in Python - Introduction to ARIMA

What is Time Series? If we want to predict something in future i.e. stock prices, sales etc, we use time series analysis over past data. We can predict daily stock price, weekly interest rates, sales figure etc where the outcome varies over time. In such scenarios, we use time series forecasting. A time series is a set of observation taken at specified times usually at equal intervals. It is used to predict future values based on the previously observed values.

Artuculation Point

If a graph becomes disconnected after removal of any node (and its adjacent edges also) from the graph, then we call that node as an articulation point of the graph. In the picture, we can see that if the node d is removed, the graph is separated into two components. So it’s an articulation point. In other words, node v is an articulation point, if there are two such nodes u and w, v node is present in every possible paths from u to v.

Basic Programming Interview Question Answers

This is a simple collection of problems for interview from the basic knowledge of C programming. Part 1: Write Short Procedure or Pseudo-code Write a program to print numbers from 1 to 100 without using loops. Write a C program to swap two variables without using a temporary variable. What is the 8 queens problem? Write a C program to solve it? Write a C program to print a square matrix helicaly.