1. Write a code to print 1 to 100 , if multiple of 3 print Fizz, if multipe of 5 print Buzz, if multiple of both print FizzBuzz, else print the number.
  2. Write a code to print the following configuration:
  1. Write regular expression of any mobile number of Bangladesh.
  2. Write a code to convert a string to integer.
  3. Explain HTTP session and cookie.
  4. Given a procedural programming to get area of square and rectangle. Convert it in the form of OOP.
  5. Relational Database Design from the following table.
  1. If you could do anything, what is your dream job?
  2. How to remove collision from hashtable?
  3. Write Linux command to show running Java processes.
  4. Will these code run and compile?
	Class test
	        int a=10, b=100;
			private static void main(String a[])
				Jobexam t = new Jobexam();
			private int getTest()
				return a*b;
  1. Given a graph. Express it with 1)Adjacency Matrix and 2) Adjacency list


  1. Write the output of the following code snippet.
int =-5;
  1. Write a pseudo-code for finding angle between hour and min for analog clock example of input 03:12.
  2. How would you check a calculator if there is no AC button?
  3. Test a login page which contains two text fields 1.login name and 2. password and log in button.